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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Lately, I am thinking about my future.
Bab kawen2 especially.
Mianggggwww. :pp
dia seriously nak kawen dua.
He treats me well?
Until now, if he flirt with another gurl im not feel anything.
I swear its true.
No jealous
No hates
No sad or crying
I dunno why. Lali dah kowt?
Yelah dr mula kenal dia mmg nak gf dua, bini dua.
But actually its not easy as u think
you can’t stand on this level if u’re not strong
yeah.pretty tough
Just have to face a lil bit of pain and hurt.
And dun worry. u will be okay
Anybody wanna share about this? I am free to speak.
Seriously yes. :))

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