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Sunday, February 27, 2011

mistake again

Im currently thinking of something, confuse in something
and dilemma over a thing.
So much to say but I cant find exactly d words.

Am I tired? bored or else?
Sometimes I ask to myself.
Im sorry. I know I have been stubborn lately.
I make you temper.
I make everything worst.
I glad u met riri. She completely makes you happy.
She wouldn’t do anything wrong. I swear.
and about us. I dun know.

I met u wif ur dream that will comes true.
                             I met you wif ur thought and that makes everything being so hard to facing
I met you wif ur temper, wif ur ego, ur perfectionist.
All i wanna said is,
I used all my strength all-out just to reach you?

Im not complain
I afraid of you might be change.
I afraid you forget of our love journey until now
I afraid to lost you and ur love together..
Because of weakness in me.

I know. I  make Mistake.sorry. and repeat. Im sorry.
I will be ur everything. I will do d right thing to make u comfort to stay wif me.
Yes. For the God sake its you.

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