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Saturday, February 26, 2011

planning and dream

University à graduate à jobs+part time degree.
I count this! I count!
Err. 9months. nope. 1 year and a month. insyAllah :)
I can’t wait!! OMGGG!

There’s the list:
1.     Help parents. Family. That’s priority. :)
2.     No more facing with d long-distance love. Ily poo.
3.     Decorate popart-vintage look in my own room!
4.     Wanna buy everything I never had : iphone,mp3,c3,psp,mac,dress,heels,clutch,shawl?, ect
5.     Minicooper! Haha gila la you!
6.     Travelling!


berangan dulu tak pe kan? hehe

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