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Monday, February 14, 2011

riri and poo on V-day

Today I wake up around 6. :)
I got weird dreams!..haish.
Ouh. Today is public holiday.
Cuti Maulidur rasul.

Tetiba kan, dapat online pagi-pagi ni. Ahha! Finally dpt line.
Bukak FB.
Chatting wif Ibu.

Checked my phone and I still aint get any message from him.
He spends time with Riri since yesterday.
eh, coincidence. its V-day.

Bored. Stressed. Tak de mud.
What do I need to end this?

Golek2 kat katil jup.
Suddenly, dylla text me.
Bual-bual kosong saje.
Tengs darla, you cheers me up.

Dr pk bende bukan2, berangan dan sebagai,
Baik siapkan assignment.
Atleast I can forget him for a while.
Wow. I can motivate myself. :D

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